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REVIEW: Dom Hemingway

REVIEW: Dom Hemingway

Jude Law is almost unrecognizable with an pasty extra 20 pounds, receding hairline and a badly broken nose . He looks like a poor man’s Jude Law. And then there’s that unforgettable opening scene.  An obviously naked Law waxing enthusiastically  about his manhood, ramping up to a maniacally obscene rant  climaxing in a , well, climax  with another guy then scampering  off.  That’s how we learn Jude Law’s Dom Hemingway is in prison.  He’s given his freedom in the next scene.

It turns out  rather than cop a plea for a reduced term, Hemingway refused to rat out his ex-crime boss, ending up  with a 12 year prison term, which cost him his wife and daughter. The very crude Hemingway is on a mission to collect his prison-earned payoff from his  ex-crime boss, while at the same time, trying to reconcile with his now-grown  daughter.

Jude Law fans will have fun and I have to say his transformation is impressive.  But all in all, you can make this a rainy day Netflix activity.


2 stars


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