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The Homegrown Country Show!

The Homegrown Country Show!


Every Sunday night at 6pm, join DJ Taylor for a full hour of local, unsigned country artists doing their original music on the Homegrown Country Show!

If you're an artist or band and would like to submit your music, be sure to send in your stuff to djtaylor@clearchannel.com or mail it to the address below!

Homegrown Country Show
c/o DJ Taylor
10800 Colonel Glenn Rd
Little Rock, AR 72204

You can also email requests to djtaylor@clearchannel.com

Playlist for November 23, 2014

Brian Kelley - Lie To Me
Don Tucker/Jay Speight - I Found You
Cash Town - Let It Roll
Greg & Cole - Drive
Mike Callahan - This Ain't Right
Jim Pollock/Landon Dutton - She Does
Steve McCann - She's Getting The Best Of Me
Tom Mix/Kaede Wilson - Cold Hard Truth
Steeltoe - A Better Place
Zach McKenzie - Typical Summer
Shari Bales - Second Place
Whistlin Dixie - Mason Dixon Line
Olivia Burnett - Rooftop Memories



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